Support CCS

Please take few minutes today to help support CCS! These small efforts go long way to help fund different areas of our school! Here are some easy ways:
  • Click here to link your VIC Card to #4017 (CCS Code).
  • PTF receives a percentage of purchase dollars of HT brand products.


  • Pick up your Publix Partners school card at the front desk.
  • You must present your card at Publix checkout.
  • Percentage of sales go to PTF.
  • Link your Kroger card to the Kroger Community Rewards Program.
  • Visit or a Kroger customer service desk. Link to CCS or #91994.
  • Percentage of sales go to PTF.


  • Cut and save for CCS collection dates. Ask your friends, family, and neighbors to save too!
  • Each Box Top earns PTF 10 cents.



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