Upper School

“We welcome you to Cary Christian School. Here in the Upper School, grades 6-12, students are busy contemplating important questions that direct them toward a better understanding and sharpening of their Christian worldview. We also work to help our students discern the alternative worldviews of the past and of the society they face today. As administrators and teachers, we strive to cultivate a desire for wisdom and godliness while working to nourish a spirit of inquiry and a love for learning.“

-Ryan Baker, Dean of Upper School


Upper School Disctinctives

  • Classical subjects are part of a student’s’ core curriculum: Logic, Rhetoric and Greek
  • Literature and History classes progress chronologically through the grades and are integrated to give proper context and depth of understanding to these subjects
  • Emphasis on application, synthesis and communication of information
  • Students learn to articulate and defend their Christian worldview through Theology and Apologetics classes
  • Award winning Fine Arts program
  • House System, our form of student government, for grades 7-12
  • Seniors develop, present and defend a Thesis