Senior Thesis Presentations

    April 15-28, 2020

     CCS Auditorium

Is a rigorous education necessary for happiness as an adult?

Are sanctuary cities constitutional?

How does digital technology affect child development?

Is it ethical to use aborted fetal tissue for research?

Are video games a form of art?

Is evangelical feminism compatible with Scripture?

These are just a few of the fascinating and meaningful questions our seniors will be exploring this quarter as they present and defend their senior thesis papers.

In “The Lost Tools of Learning,” Dorothy Sayers described the presentation of a thesis as a key event in the life of a student attending a medieval university: “At the end of his course, he was required to compose a thesis upon some theme set by his masters or chosen by himself, and afterwards to defend his thesis against the criticism of the faculty. By this time, he would have learned—or woe betide him—not merely to write an essay on paper, but to speak audibly and intelligibly from a platform.” Such a thesis would represent “the final synthesis of the Trivium” (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) and serve as “a kind of ‘leaving examination’ during the last term at school.”

Following this tradition, over the next two weeks the class of 2019 will present their senior thesis papers to panels of faculty members in front of dozens of fellow students, friends, and family members in the CCS auditorium. This delightful event is open to the entire CCS community, and we encourage you to drop in to hear our seniors speak with wisdom and eloquence about a wide variety of topics that each of them personally believes is worthy of our attention and deliberation.

To learn more about this project, be sure to check out our blog article “Learning How to Learn: The Senior Thesis.”

If you have any questions about the senior thesis presentations, or about the senior thesis project in general, please email our Rhetoric II teacher, Mr. Patrick Halbrook.

We are greatly looking forward to hearing from our seniors, and we would love for you to join us so you can hear from them as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can anyone attend?
Yes, anyone is welcome!

2) How long do the presentations last? When should I arrive and/or leave?
Presentations are scheduled to begin at 8:00, 8:28, 9:00, 9:28, etc. (see schedule). You are welcome to attend just one or two presentations, or to stay for the whole morning. If possible, please enter and exit the auditorium between presentations.

3) Is it okay to bring young children? Are all topics suitable for all ages?
As long as no one is a distraction, young children and babies are welcome. Many topics are controversial and deal with important moral and ethical questions. Please refer to the schedule to see which topics are covered. All discussions will be conducted in a manner appropriate for a Christian high school.