Grit: Quotes from the Special Forces


I think I mentioned to you all that I am engrossed in the Fox reality series Special Forces (Wednesday nights). As one more week on grit, I thought you might find value in these quotes from the first two episodes.

“Deep inside, everyone wants to know if they have the courage to be a hero.”

“If you take it seriously, you will find out what your true limits are.”

“Do you trust the person next to you to fight for your life.”

“There is nothing that you cannot do. It is about character and belief. Its about getting out of your comfort zone.”

“This is a chance for you to conquer your fear.”

“You all have the physical ability to do it, but do you have it mentally?”

“Find that energy! Find that grit!”

“Your place of relaxation has become your place of pain.”

“It’s about grit and determination. Break that barrier!”

“It’s about motivation. It’s about commitment.”


Obviously our students are not training for special forces, but they are in a reality show of sorts. Their fear of failure and desire to remain inside their comfort zone is what you deal with every day. I encourage you to start thinking about the culture your words are building. What are you saying to the students on a regular basis? What verbal hooks could you use to inspire and encourage them?


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