Why I Play Sports


When I interviewed with Mr. Hinton for the Athletic Director position at Westminster he asked me, “Why do you want to do this?” My kids were in the 6th grade at the time. My answer was, “What will my kids look like at 18 when they leave my house?” My wife and I raised our kids from the standpoint that the ultimate goal was their freedom and independence to pursue the purpose for which God made them. That meant that we had to create plans along the way for them to rejoice and suffer. Simply put, we wanted them to be prepared for life because we know that others will not love them like we do.

So awhile back I created a sheet that I keep on my wall. It is titled, “Why I Play Sports.” I thought you all might enjoy some of these. I pray that it resonates with you as you train our young men and women.

More than wins and trophies, I play sports…

  • for those moments when I get so tired and want to quit in life but don’t
  • to learn lessons of discipline, focus, and the value of dedication
  • to learn to take care of my body and how to fuel it for success
  • to learn to work with others and to be a good teammate
  • to learn to be gracious in defeat and humble in success
  • to learn to equip my mind for failure and know that it does not affect my identity
  • to learn to make and accomplish goals
  • to learn to respect all forms of authority
  • to be proud of small achievements and to work toward long term results
  • to make lifelong friendships and memories
  • to learn the importance of time management and to balance priorities
  • to learn to be responsible with others’ stuff

What else? I would love to hear from you all for some others I can add to my list!

Have a great week!


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