Why? Advice to High School Students

During your time in high school, you’ll learn a whole bunch of facts. For example, there’s Newton’s Second Law of Motion, when and where the Edict of Worms was decreed (HINT: it was in Worms!), and when to use an Oxford comma. Looking back on my years in high school and college, one thing stands out…

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Dealing with Teen Bullying

"Sticks and Stones…"

Webster’s Dictionary defines a bully as someone who is a blustering, browbeating person that is especially and habitually cruel to others who are weaker or perceived to be weaker. It is a person who increases in joy and feels empowered when they cause another person pain and anguish. I bet you are thinking right now…

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Anatomy of a Great Parent-Teacher Conference

It’s that time of year when parents and teachers have opportunity to communicate and collaborate on their students’ academic progress. Here are five important components that are part of every great parent/teacher conference: Eyes – Have eyes on the information.Both parent and teacher should have good information and data with respect to performance on tests,…

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Father and Son

Lead Fearlessly and Love Hard

If you are anything like me, being a parent is probably the most humbling part of your life. As a young father, I remember disciplining my children primarily because of how I wanted to be perceived by other parents around me. I felt despair when my children would act out in public, particularly when my…

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Organizing for Success: Your Personal Workspace

Believe it or not, it is already time to think about back to school! The building is freshly painted, and the floors are shining. The teachers are busily arranging their rooms to ensure another successful year in the classroom. Now is also the time to evaluate your home study space – an important factor in…

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Summer Boredom Busters

Summer Fun, Part 1, by Maxine Geil, Kindergarten Teacher “How many more days until summer break?” This question is asked frequently around our house. We love our school and are so thankful for the opportunity to study and to learn new things each school year, but we are ready to embrace summer break and enjoy…

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A Retiring Teacher’s Memoir: Beauty Keeps

On a windy January day long ago, I walked along the Atlantic Ocean’s shore. Impressed by the expanse, I breathed in the cold, salty air. Seashells sat. I always look for what my son once called a “beauty keep,” something precious. I saw one. Impressed by the Lord, I bent down and picked it up,…

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2016 Valedictory Address: "Will There Be Time?"

Cary Christian School’s class of 2016 graduated on May 19. One of the highlights of every CCS graduation is the privilege of hearing the wise and eloquent words delivered by our valedictorian and salutatorian. This year our salutatorian was Evangeline Liauw and our valedictorian was Brandon Padgett. These two students exemplify the kind of young…

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Grocery Aisle

Simple Tips for Choosing Healthful Snacks

Imagine walking down the grocery store aisle looking for snack options for your kids. Boxes with colorful characters vie for your attention. Words like “natural,” “good source of fiber,” and “fortified with vitamins and minerals” lure you to buy their particular product. What do you believe? Which one do you buy? Let’s look at some…

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