This spring was unlike anything we could have imagined. But while COVID-19 may have changed our routines, it’s not changing our habits–those pillars of our community that we’ve pursued together.


At CCS, our aim has been and continues to be to develop habits of the mind in a manner that develops the habits of the soul by pursuing after our students and partnering with our families. Our theme for 2019-2020 was Shepherding Hearts and Minds: our intentional development and implementation of a strategic Pursuit of More. We seek to Shepherd Hearts and Minds through the student-teacher relationship, for the formation of our 6 Key Habits:







Join us this summer as we show you what these habits look like lived out and embodied in our Classroom, Campus, and Culture. Hear from six of our teachers on how they Shepherd the Hearts and Minds of our students and your children—and how the teacher-student relationship remains at the center of all that we do.

Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Brooke Peterson shares Habit #1: Respectful

Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Birgit Hering shares Habit #2: Responsible

4th grade teacher & Lower School Assistant Dean Mrs. Kelly Gardner shares Habit #3: Thoughtful

Upper School History & Rhetoric teacher Mrs. Lindsay Roseborough shares Habit #4: Intentional

Physics teacher & Upper School Assistant Dean of Upper School Mrs. Darla McDonald shares Habit #5: Strategic

Latin teacher Mr. Tom McMahon shares Habit #6: Sacramental


Together we pursue a five-year vision for a thriving Cary Christian School