11:11 Club

11:11 Club stands by 1 Corinthians 11:11, which explains that women are not independent of man, nor men of women. This club fosters a friendly environment to discuss biblical gender roles and offers opportunities to apply it through service projects in our community.

A Cappella Club

The A Cappella Club is open to any high schooler who want to sing a cappella music. We will appeal to a wider audience and interest group by singing modern music instead of the more classical style that CCS Choir does. Our goal is to attend an a cappella competition this year or next, which is an amazing experience, in addition to a way to shine a light for Christ.

Armed Forces Appreciation Club

The purpose of AFA is to educate club members about the US Military and the importance of patriotism. Our second purpose is to give back to our service members. We accomplish our mission by hosting volunteer events, having educational meetings, fundraisers, snack and letter drives, and guest speakers.

Art Club

Art Club encourages students to use their God-given talents to appreciate and create beauty. Our mission is to provide students with an environment of opportunity to explore art outside of art class by participating in various art contests and competitions.

Community Connections Club

Our mission is to uplift others in our CCS community and our local community with fellowship and love.

Computer Science Club

Our mission is to satisfy interests in computer technology and develop the knowledge to know what is needed and performed in the career field as well as having the opportunity to give back to the community. We plan to do this by having fun experimenting with code, creating games, and through many other creative ways.

Cross Culture Club

“All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations will bow before him, for dominion belongs to the Lord and he rules over the nations.” Cross Culture Club immerses students in an ethnically diverse environment in order that they might experience various cultures firsthand. Students are offered a glimpse of the world through a different set of eyes and gain a better understanding of different traditions and day-to-day activities in other countries. And perhaps even try some for themselves!

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA is a club that seeks to encourage and support athletics at CCS in their walk with Christ. Our mission is to bring Christian athletes together by having fun while pursuing a relationship with God. Our vision is to positively impact CCS’s culture through the influence, encouragement, and service of Christian athletes.

Film Society

The Film Society exists to teach people to appreciate film making and also to teach them how to create a film. We want to create artistic content that glorifies God through the process of film making. During meetings, we will learn about the process and brainstorm ideas. We will meet occasionally after school to provide hands-on experience in film making.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat is dedicated to bringing students together to help the community. We want to help people obtain affordable housing in our area. We participate in house building projects and service for the community while also raising awareness for affordable housing and other community needs.

Literature Club

Students will read and discuss literature, delving deeper into aspects of the human condition and the struggle for meaning in a broken world. The main focus will be reading together and learning from each other.

Outdoors Club

The Outdoors Club provides learning opportunities in order to restore and reinforce a common appreciation and respect for the wilderness. We aim for all members to be knowledgeable of and experienced in the outdoor environment so that each may wholly enjoy, properly protect, and safely adventure in God’s wild creation. This is achieved through lunchtime lessons, guest speakers, and hands-on outdoor activities.

Society of St. Monica

The Society of St. Monica explains to the young women the aspects true of Biblical womanhood as demonstrated through the Holy Scriptures and encourages them to let those characteristics permeate in every aspect of their lives. SSM wants to teach the young women of CCS what being a godly woman looks like by studying God’s word so they can put his will into practice in their daily lives.

Speech and Debate Club

Speech and Debate provides a platform for students to use and improve speaking skills and the faculty to defend and argue well. Our mission is to establish a framework for CCS’s participation in speech and debate competitions. We will be holding mock debates between the central debate team and debate associates.

Spikeball Club

The Spikeball Club provides a community where kids can build relationships and exercise in a fun environment. We aim for every member to engage with new friends groups in this healthy competition. This sport creates a thrilling atmosphere for all age groups and skill levels.

Storytelling Club

The Storytelling Club lets students to come together to spend time interacting with each other while building our own creative thinking abilities. Through the Storytelling Club, we are able to create different characters that we think would be fun and beneficial to play. Using these characters, we can interact with the world that we are presented by the advisor of the sessions. The sessions will all be a part of a bigger story, which allows the students to develop their characters in a way that puts their own storytelling ability into practice, as the students themselves are the ones who introduce, play as, and grow their own characters. These sessions give the students unique challenges that they must solve using critical thinking, logic, and their creative and persuasive abilities (with, of course, some fun to be had along the way), as well as forming a deeper camaraderie between people that might not have much interaction otherwise. Long story short, it’s a club where we tell interactive stories that are inside a bigger story. It’s like making your own game and playing it while it’s being developed or watching a movie while it’s being scripted. It’s a unique experience that’s hard to get anywhere else. And it’s just plain fun.