Cary Christian School is always seeking to broaden its students’ perspectives and give them a taste for careers that align with personal interests and giftings. Does your student have an affinity for the health industryIs he or she considering a career in medicine? If so, chiropractic care may be a wonderful fit. Chiropractors are licensed physicians and take great care to educate their patients on wellness and healthy living. 

What is the history of chiropractic care?

The Art of Chiropractic has been around for ages. Records of spinal manipulations date back to prehistoric times, as far back as 5,000 B.C.  Chiropractic care as we know it today has been used for 125 years to relieve pain and restore health. In fact, the first official chiropractic adjustment was performed back in 1895 by Dr. Daniel David Palmer. 

What is chiropractic care? 

Chiropractic care involves manipulation of the spine, which relieves pressure on nerves, allowing them to do their jobs more effectively. Most people take their nerves for granted, but the nervous system is incredibly complex and is involved in everything the body does. When nerves are damaged, we feel pain. 

As chiropractors, we see pain as an alarm to a problem that needs solving. Rather than masking these symptoms with medications, our job is to locate any stress on the nervous system that may be impacting the body’s ability to communicate, regulate, and heal itself. When indicated, we use spinal manipulation to relieve this stress and to help our patients feel better. 

What education is required? 

A chiropractor is a licensed physician and is acknowledged as such under North Carolina law. Chiropractors are required to acquire a four-year undergraduate degree followed by chiropractic college, a fiveyear degree structured much like medical school. Education typically includes a comprehensive academic program as well as residency and/or internship training. To earn and maintain their license, chiropractors must pass four National Board Exams as well as a state licensing exam and complete eighteen hours of continuing education per year.  Many chiropractors go on to get specialty certifications or degrees in areas such as sports medicine, pediatrics, radiology, or other specialty areas. 

What are some of the goals for quality patient care? 

Chiropractic care is intended for many conditions, including injury, recurrent headaches and migraines, chronic pain, fatigue or stress, and, of course, back and neck pain.  Many benefits reported by patients are pain relief, reduction of inflammation, better ability to sleep, blood pressure regulation, improved organ function, and a sense of overall well-being. 

Chiropractors often teach wellness to their patients, understanding that a patient’s whole health can impact nerve function. We educate our patients on physical, chemical, and emotional stressors, all of which can have an impact on nerve health. For decades, we have encouraged exercise, diet, and stress reduction, in combination with spinal manipulation and other therapies when needed. The body often can heal itself if given the right tools.  


Outten Chiropractic & Cary Spinal Decompression Center strives to maintain the highest level of integrity and personal commitment to our patient’s healthcare needs. Dr. Outten graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic and has been in private practice in Cary for almost 25 years. He is the past president of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association. In 2019, he was appointed by the Governor to the North Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Dr. Outten has a post-graduate certification in Chiropractic Pediatrics, a compassion for children, and a desire to see them grow strong and stay healthy. Dr. Outten and his wife, Lisa, have two adult children, Megan, who is a Music Education Teacher/Choral Associate Director at Cary Christian School and Christopher Jr., who is currently in his first year at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida. 


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