The Senior Thesis Defense is a wonderful and crucial event in the life of our school. We are grateful to be able to conduct them online this year and to make videos available to our CCS community. To learn more about the senior thesis, read our article “Learning to Learn: The Senior Thesis.” New presentations will be posted every day from April 19 – 30.

Monday, April 19: Questions on Education

Sarah Douglas
Should high schoolers have jobs?

Anna White
Should affirmative action be used in college admissions?

Kyle Moore
Should CCS incorporate a world history course into its history curriculum?

Christian Mosley
Should homework be optional?

Eduardo Tonos
Is IQ testing ethical in a school environment?

Erik Hernandez
Should CCS offer a mandatory financial literacy course?

Tuesday, April 20: Questions on Politics & Society

Lauren Fagley
Should juveniles be tried as adults for murder?

Luke Edwards
Do the United States’ prison systems rehabilitate inmates or execute justice?

Rhea Abraham
Is global society in decline?

Bada Choi
Have American Christians elevated patriotism above God?

Macie Hillsgrove
How does current American society affect a child’s sense of belonging?

Elena Young
Should Christians respond to negative perceptions from outsiders?

Wednesday, April 21: Questions on Politics & Society

Karis Croft
Is it the school’s responsibility to provide mental health services?

Briana Jenson
Does political correctness stifle diversity of thought in public universities?

Avery Sistare
How should Christians help the poor?

Ethan Raughley
Should the U.S. legalize euthanasia?

Grace Wisniewski
Is erasing history detrimental to society?

Dylan Mathosian
What is the best solution to the healthcare crisis?

Thursday, April 22: Questions on Psychology

Riley Butler
If antidepressants are harmful, what is the best remedy for depression?

Nina Baird
Are we born with an innate knowledge of how to feel or are we taught how to feel, and how does that affect us?

Hannah Allen
What is the most effective treatment for anorexia nervosa?

Brooke McDuffee
Can your mind change the trajectory of your health?

Kelsey Minnich
Does technology negatively affect a child’s development?

Alex Dickerson
Do we have control over our choices?

Friday, April 23: Questions on Education & Athletics

Micah Hall
Should mental health and physical health be better integrated into schools?

Brock Vanek
Are the mental and physical health benefits of distance running worth the effort and risks?

Dylan Ballard
Should athletes be allowed to kneel during the national anthem?

Luke Stopper
Should politics be mentioned or portrayed in sports?

Monday, April 26: Questions on Education & Psychology

Jonathan Hernandez
Is higher education worth getting in debt?

Justin Brown
Do video games increase aggression in young adults?

Adeline Tart
Should Christians be more cautious in deciding to attend a secular college?

Lauren Grove
How does physical activity affect the mind?

Rebecca Seifert
How should education in the U.S. be organized and conducted?

Tuesday, April 27: Questions on Science & Technology

Alec Woods
Should teenagers be given smartphones?

Avery Hunter
Has technology caused more harm than good in relation to human trafficking?

Amelia White
Should we lesson our use of single-use plastics?

Jay Murray
Should North Carolina continue to require vehicle inspections?

Rebecca Wood
Should doctors recommend abortions in cases of genetic disorders?

Jia’an Xie
Is biotechnology like gene editing a benefit or a danger?

Wednesday, April 28: Questions on Politics & Society

Nathan Stikeleather
Should monuments and holidays for historical figures be removed from the public square?

Gabrielle Fjellman
Is America experiencing a decline similar to that of the Roman Empire?

Caroline Cranor
Is it ethical for big businesses to benefit from Chinese labor camps?

Eva McDonald
What role does the modern interpretation of tolerance play in how culture affects Christian families?

Robert Andrews
Should America have a Christian moral standard?

Abbie Stonebraker
How troubling is the American government’s abuse of power?

Thursday, April 29: Questions on Politics, Society, & the Arts

Justin Voight
Is mainstream media bias corrupting the minds of Americans?

Caroline Jacobsen
Should Christians support the death penalty in America?

Jackson Lair
Does objectively good music exist?

Noah Kerchner
Does increased gun control really prevent homicide and crime?

Giuliano Finizio
Are the business tactics of social media companies ethical?

Chloe Cochran
Do nonprofits or the government do more to help the homeless?

Friday, April 30: Questions on Politics & Society

Juliana Boerema
Should churches take advantage of federal grant money (PPP loans) to safeguard pastoral income during the COVID-19 financial crisis?

Bennett Mayes
How should Christians in public office behave?

Patrick Carriker
Is the American Dream morally good?

Avi Jayakumar
Is the American Dream a false narrative?

Grace Golden
Are the methods and messaging of BLM effective?

Sarah Perkins
Why should Christians care about the abandonment of truth?

Monday, May 3: Questions on Education

Tyler Shinn
Are remote classes failing American students?