A $26,000,000 Vision for Our Campus Improvements and Institutional Stability

A Vision of Beauty

An Example of Excellence

Beauty confronts purpose when our campus embodies the purposefulness that we expect from our students and reflects the beauty of the God that we represent.

This legacy is not just for our current students and teachers, though that is important – it’s to ensure that the beauty and purposefulness that we enjoy are established and secured for future generations.

Our Phase 2 Goal: $9.1 million

Our Ask of You: $4,000,000 pledged by December 31, 2023

How We’ll Get to $9.1 million:

Raise $4,000,000
Borrow $2,600,000
Allocate $2,500,000

Current Phase 2 Projects

1. Establish an Endowment: The Knights Fund | $5,000,000

> A $5 million endowment would provide $200,000 annually for mission expenses such as increasing financial aid, adding teachers, and improving salaries and benefits – all without increasing tuition.

> The discipline of having an endowment frees us to move missionally faster and with greater effect.

> Establishing an annual surplus for cash reserves is a practice we’ve disciplined ourselves to do as we know how important it is for the stability of our school!

2. New Competition Field: Synthetic Turf, Press Box, and Larger Bleachers | $1,500,000

> We are always calling our athletes to more, and our new field will back up and reinforce that call.

> Since our founding, we’ve accumulated 13 State Championships, 17 Runner-ups, and 40 of our graduates have committed to play at the collegiate level. Our athletes deserve a field that serves them well!

> Synthetic turf improves the speed of play and predictability of ball reaction and increases field use during rain periods.

> Lastly, this project includes a new press box and larger, more professional bleachers, making games a better experience for all.


3. Campus Improvements: Student Parking Lot + Stormwater System | $2,600,000

> Our current parking lot is full (at only 50 spaces) and our number of student drivers continues to increase. It is also gravel and poorly designed.

> 100 new paved spaces will be added to our parking lot (a 200% increase!), making space for everyone who needs it and keeping our school safe and efficient.

> Improving our stormwater system is essential for meeting our own needs as well as the Town of Cary’s requirements.

A Bold Vision for $26 million

Building on a Rich History

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    Theater Renovations

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    East Side Portico

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    Gym HVAC

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is leading the campaign?

> Robbie Hinton, our Headmaster, with support from our Board.

2. What factors went into determining that the school’s campus needs these improvements?

We want to be excellent stewards and maximize every square inch of the 21 acres that the Lord has provided to this school. We have no more land to incorporate and there are no plans to relocate, therefore we must consider what can be done to increase CCS’ institutional stability on this property. Underlying these planned improvements is a desire to continue to instill a transformational experience for everyone who steps onto this campus.

> An endowment can move the school forward, especially during economic and social change.

> Having a competition field with synthetic turf and lined for all sports means that changes in weather have less impact on our practice and game schedules. Currently, 8 fall teams and 6 spring teams use it for practices and games. The fall season will have over 350 uses; spring preseason and official season will have over 250 uses. This does not include house events or physical education classes. Larger bleaches and press box will accommodate many more fans and guests, becoming more of a hub for school community and fostering school spirit. We will also appreciate a better sound system from the announcer’s box.

> More parking spaces will allow student drivers to park in a lined, paved lot more efficiently and safely. This will more than double the current number of spaces we have in the gravel lot!

In phase 3, we can anticipate the following benefits to the school’s campus:

> A new playground with an impervious surface will eliminate mud and dirt on uniforms and tracking into the buildings. We can also provide greater safety with netting around the playground border to prevent equipment scaling over the current chain link fence.

In phase 4, a new gymnasium is crucial to accommodate seating for everyone!

Lastly, in phase 5, the new Paideia Hall will become an extension off the current Field House and could provide additional classrooms, dedicated space for music and art, a lunchroom, locker rooms, and a fitness room.

3. Are we trying to grow the school any larger than it is now?

> Cary Christian School is the fourth largest school in the Association of Classical Christian Schools. Enrollment is at 850, a record high! We cannot increase this number much now, however, we can continue to get better at what we do. Lowering the student-to-teacher ratio is important and impactful.

4. What is the fiscal health of the school before entering this campaign?

> Very strong. The school maintains a 25% cash reserve. Tuition covers 101% of operating expenses. An endowment will perpetually expand what the school can budget toward its goals. 

5. How will the school community be kept informed of the campaign’s progress?

> We will keep the school apprised of the campaign’s progress through school communications, such as The Knightly News, ParentSquare, and special email updates. 

6. Will tuition be increased because of this campaign?

> Tuition will not be impacted by this capital campaign. Tuition is designed to cover all operating expenses. A capital campaign is focused on what the school’s campus needs for it to remain successful leading into the future. Its financial goal is more sacrificially raised. 

7. Will we raise most or all of the money before beginning the next phase?

> We will keep moving incrementally ahead as the money is raised for each phase. If we raise the $26 million quickly, we will be able to make all of these goals happen much sooner!

8. Why give even when your kids will not benefit from it?

> Nothing changes without education improving. We do not just want to hold the line from it getting worse in our country; we want to press ahead in preparing the next generations.

Ways to Give

Your gift today will empower strategic improvements to our campus that embody the purposefulness we expect from our students and reflect the beauty of the God that we represent.

Donate by Mail

Mail checks to:
1330 Old Apex Road
Attn: Development
Cary, NC 27513

Additional Options

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