During our 2018-2019 school year we focused on Pursuing More for our school and our students. Thanks to your support, we were able to meet our key goals:

Raised $200,000 to hire new teachers

Added planning periods for upper school teachers

Improved professional development opportunities through A Society of Teachers

Added new positions: Dean of Student Discipleship and Student Development Coach


We are calling for a readiness to execute driven by strong core convictions and love for others.

A Higher Standard

While the core curriculum of a classical school focuses on developing the habits of the mind in a way that develops the habits of the soul, we should not assume that students will automatically learn to apply these habits to the economy, government, leadership, the arts, and technology. We must accept the responsibility to fan the flame of truth into a readiness to act. 

A New Expectation

Having taught students to recognize, understand, and love what is good, true, and beautiful, we will prepare them to convert their knowledge into action. As we encourage them to grow in virtue, expand their knowledge, and develop their curiosity, we will equip them with the tools they need to engage and shape the culture for Christ.

A New Graduate

We will prepare students to learn any task or to serve at any post. They will have the tools and the wisdom to fulfill God’s calling in their life.

In sum, we seek to answer a call to equip graduates with the strength and freedom to run the race, and to do so with grit and wisdom, ready to engage the culture with strong core convictions and a self-sacrificial love.

Pursuing More

Last year the board launched a five-year strategic plan: Called to Cultivate. We would break the soil, remove hindrances, and nurture strength and beauty. We would prepare for growth and improvements in our classrooms, culture, and campus. Well, if I used the metaphor of cultivating to process my first six months in Cary, I would…

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Pursuing More: A Vision for the Future

As I listen to parents, most seem convinced that Cary Christian School is a really good school. It offers children a degree of knowledge, a set of tools, and a code of conduct with which few schools can compete.  All the same, most parents would still argue that we could and that we should be…

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A $200,000 investment in our teachers. Our goal is to hire four new Upper School teachers to create margin for teacher development.

Our Upper School teachers currently prepare for two different classes and teach three sections of each class. That is six teaching hours per day and approximately four hours of preparation.

    • Adding four new teachers allows us to reduce the teaching load and to provide a daily planning period for teachers.
    • Established schools do not require Upper School teachers to teach six sections because a smaller teaching load improves teacher energy and focus.
    • At the heart of our strategic plan, Called to Cultivate, is the creation of a teacher development program called The Society of Teachers.

The Society of Teachers is a teacher development program that encourages growth in three areas:

    • We will adopt the mindset and the habits of a learning community.
    • We will develop the relational capacity and the mastery teaching requires.
    • We will teach with a focused passion to offer each student an extraordinary outcome.

Without a planning period for our Upper School teachers, teacher development cannot increase, and the plan fails.

A Society of Teachers: Summary Chart (PDF)

A Society of Teachers: Teacher Development Program (PDF)

A Society of Teachers at Cary Christian School (Part 2)

“If I had to give up preaching and my other duties,” wrote Martin Luther, “there is no office I would rather have than that of school-teacher. For I know that next to the ministry it is the most useful, greatest, and best…Therefore let it be considered one of the highest virtues on earth faithfully to train the children of others…”

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Together we pursue a five-year vision for a thriving Cary Christian School