7 Habits of a Godly Benchwarmer



One of our coaches sent me an article this week. This is a topic we have not ever discussed. What words do we use with players that are not getting the playing time they “want” or “think they deserve”? How can we help them?

The name of the article is “7 Habits of a Godly Benchwarmer.” I have highlighted the 7 traits below and either a line or two from each section that really struck me or my response to the section after reading. I suggest you read the article, and, if you feel it appropriate, share with your team.

#1 – Give yourself permission to be frustrated. It’s ok to be unhappy. Its what you do with those negative emotions that matter.

#2 – Be honest with God. David regularly vented in the Psalms but he always ended each one remembering that God was in charge and that he loved Him.

#3 – Be honest with your coach. Ask your coach where you fit into the overall plan for your role. Ask what needs work.

#4 – Don’t talk behind coach’s back. This is easy and tempting. Proverbs says gossip is “a choice morsel.”

#5 – Confess that you feel you deserve to play just because you are on the team. Playing time is earned not entitled.

#6 – Give great effort and attitude. Be thankful for the opportunity to play the sport. And when you have the opportunity in practice or games do something to stand out, don’t just blend in.

#7 – Don’t transfer to another sport or quit. Be an encourager to your teammates on the field. And, again, do something special when given the opportunity.


#1 – Look for the lesson to be learned from experiencing hard moments. These are life lessons and why we play sports!

#2 – Joy is greater than happiness. Be content no matter the circumstance.

#3 – Recognize when others are just better. Don’t dislike them. Admire their talent and their work effort. Ask yourself what you can learn from watching them.

Here is the link to the article: 7 Habits Of A Godly Benchwarmer – Athletes in Action

Good stuff. Enjoy!


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