Mr. Calvin Zbinden teaches Logic (eighth grade) and American History (sixth grade). He holds a B.S. from Liberty University in the Social Sciences with a Teacher Licensure. He also has received licensure to teach Middle School Math from the Commonwealth of Virginia. He and his wife, Hannah, met at Liberty and are enjoying married life in Cary. In his spare time, Mr. Zbinden enjoys reading, drinking dark roast coffee, watching and playing sports such as basketball, football, and tennis.

“You Teach Logic to Middle Schoolers???”

“You teach logic to middle schoolers???” This question is the most common response I receive when I tell people that I teach eighth grade logic. Others include, “Isn’t that a contradiction?” “They’re too young and wild to study logic!” and my favorite, “That’s got to be a fallacy.”   The answer to these questions is another question. I am…

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