Mrs. Kristen Clarkson teaches Classical Literature (ninth grade) and American Literature (twelfth grade). She attended North Carolina State University, where she obtained a B.A. in English Language, Writing Composition, and Rhetoric, and a minor in Classical Greek Studies. Mrs. Clarkson is a graduate of Cary Christian School.

School Dances

Something magical happens when our ladies and gentlemen arrive at school for Snowball, Protocol, and even Hoedown. As they trade their uniforms for formalwear (or western wear), they step into a tradition even older than Cary Christian School. Historically, dances were anticipated as a central social event. They fostered a sense of community, offering participants…

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Great Books: Encounters with Truth, Goodness, & Beauty

In half a dozen classrooms they gather then,—here to follow the love song of Dido, here to listen to the tale of Troy divine; there to wander among the stars, there to wander among men and nations,—and elsewhere other well-worn ways of knowing this queer world. Nothing new, no time-saving devices, simply old time-glorified methods…

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Read Well, Live Well: Learning Virtue Through Great Literature

“Education is teaching our children to desire the right things,” Plato asserted millennia ago. Classical Christian educators, faculty, and parents herald this idea, yet struggle to identify the “right things.” As college applications and standardized tests loom over the Upper School, it’s easy to buy in to the cultural norm that tells us these are…

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