Mrs. Lisa Van Deventer has served at Cary Christian School since 2007 as Assistant Teacher, Registrar, and currently as Strategy Planner. She has a B.S. in Resource Planning and Interpretation (Humboldt State University, CA) and a certificate in Biblical Studies from the California Center for Biblical Studies. She and her husband, Jack, have four daughters who attended CCS: Traci (2011), Amy (2013), Laurie (2013), and Kari (2018).

Transformed by Truth: “Life With a Capital L”

The Christian life is a life of transformation. God’s unconditional love transforms my heart, His word transforms my mind, and the gospel and the Holy Spirit have “invaded my days and my humanity” to transform my soul. Why? Because God created me to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever…and forever starts now! 

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No Time to Waste: The ACCS Mission to Advance Christian Civilization

The Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) was started in 1994 to meet the growing demand for information and instruction for the thousands of families who began choosing classical Christian education for their children following the release in 1991 of Douglas Wilson’s book, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning: An Approach to Distinctively Christian Education. This distinctively Christian education establishes a biblical foundation for all truth, teaches the skills that…

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